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Tom Barce

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Tom Barce is the Vice President of Thought Leadership for KLDiscovery. Tom brings over 20 years of experience in directing and managing information governance, electronic discovery, and litigation support initiatives. He delivers strategic vision, consultative services, and project management expertise. He has extensive experience in helping corporations and law firms manage their data-driven risks and objectives, by effectively leveraging their important information; responding to complex electronic discovery demands in numerous litigation, regulatory, and cyber matters; selecting and implementing strategic technology; leveraging analytics and predictive coding; coordinating discovery in multi-party litigation; evaluating and overseeing third party service providers; and conducting large and complex data migrations from disparate systems. He has assisted clients across a wide variety of industries both domestically and internationally, including communications, energy, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technology.

Tom has frequently written articles, conducted educational courses and spoken at conferences related to his areas of expertise. He has a particular passion for on-going thought leadership, development of innovative solutions to help client clients glean more value and predictability from their data, mitigate risks, bring efficiencies to the discovery process, simplify complex problems, and identify critical issues early. He is intimately familiar with all phases of the information governance and electronic discovery lifecycles from content creation, use and storage, records retention and disposition, and identification of potentially relevant data; through data collection, analysis, processing, review, quality control, and production. He also holds many years of experience in leveraging workflows and data analytics technologies such as predictive coding, statistical sampling, concept clustering, concept search and other technology-enabled solutions to enhance data analysis and electronic discovery.


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Bob Eisenberg - Program Director
Juan Carlos Abelairas - Program Consultant


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